Who We are

Ethos means showing “moral character” and refers to the core inner beliefs of a person or organisation. Our first consideration is to treat our clients with respect and integrity

Ethos Financial Advisers

Ethos Financial Advisers are true believers in this “ethos” and follow it in their client interactions on a daily basis.

Conversation is key to this participation. Ethos Financial Advisers have built their business on trust, experience, reputation and a genuine ability to help their clients.


In trusting Ethos Financial Advisers with your financial plans, you can be assured of dealing with financial advisers who are committed to long-term relationships and long-term results.


It’s not about handing over control.

It’s about being in control and having Ethos Financial Advisers put in place the right structures for you.



It’s important to have a level of understanding of your financial situation in order to have control. We explain this to you and communicate clearly.

It’s about collaboration.

“ The best client is not the client who says  “ just do it” but the one who collaborates and participates in their financial future and understands the implications of decisions made.” 

Since 2005

We hold our own licence through the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) (AFSL No 287660). We are independently owned and recommend investments based on the sustainability to you, the client, rather than the requirements of a product manufacturer. We are experienced in taxation matters, and our principal adviser is a qualified accountant (CPA) and certified Financial planner (CFP) (TM). 

We offer specialised advice in responsible investing as well as focusing on retirement planning and superannuation advice.

Sevinc Jayasinha
Client Communications Manager
Sevinc manages client communication and administration with Ethos. Sevinc has significant experience in financial services and knows how to get tricky matters completed with the minimum of fuss. Sevinc has ‘can do’ ability as well as excellent communication skills Sevinc is your key contact for administration matters that you have at Ethos Financial Advisers.
John Ross
John has been a financial adviser since 1998 and had eight years as an accountant prior to starting his career in financial planning. His focus is on achieving structured solutions for clients that are transparent and tangible. Having experience through many market cycles in his professional career John can guide you to achieve your financial goals. John’s focus is on achieving the best outcome for the clients of Ethos Financial Advisers.

We are you partners in Financial Wellbeing

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Our fees are based on the time spent and the complexity of the work involved. We charge $300 plus GST for an initial meeting. In the initial meeting we get an understanding of your requirements and give you an exact fee for the services we will provide. Please let us know if you would like a copy of our Financial Services Guide (FSG) which contains more detail on our fees and services.

Please note: Before you receive personal advice a Financial Services Guide  (FSG) will be provided to you.


Yes, you do need to be involved. The outcome is based on your objectives and so we need input from you. It’s a conversation. However we keep administration to a minimum and aim to relieve financial stress by meeting your financial objectives and aiming for concise solutions.

You can expect an orderly structured process without surprises. We explain our process and fees clearly. After the initial meeting subject to your confirmation we will prepare recommendations in writing under a document known as a Statement of Advice. We will then most probably have two further meetings to finalise the recommendations and implement. Our ongoing review service is offered to clients and provides a framework to achieve your financial goals.