We are Your Financial Partners

In trusting Ethos Financial Advisers with your financial future, you can be assured that we will work with you through a collaborative process.

Ethos Financial is able to establish a Financial Plan for you where you are in control through gaining greater structure over your financial affairs. Being in control will enable you to make better financial decisions to ensure that you meet your financial objectives. 

Our fundamental purpose is to relieve your financial stress, put you in control over your own future and let you focus on the things that are most important to you.

Are the financial requirements for women different from men?

They certainly can be and Ethos Financial Advisers recognises this through its service offering.

For example having a break from the workforce to have a family has implications on the funding of superannuation, particularly for women.

Women act in the role of carer more often than men and this also has financial implications that need to be considered.

It’s critically important that women understand their financial position. Without an understanding, there is no control and this can lead to stress.

Too often control over financial investments and important financial decisions may be deferred or outsourced which can have profound financial implications in later life. Without structure and control, financial peace of mind will not be achieved. 

We all require structure and control over our financial affairs but women may have different requirements and Ethos Financial Advisers recognises and understands this. 

Financial Planning for Women

Retirement Planning & Superannuation

Seems like a long time away but planning for the future and for a good retirement is important if you want a choice about when you retire. It should also be collaborative – not a “set and forget” approach.

Having a structed strategy in place and having a dedicated conversation and personal input about the future is critical so you can have the retirement you want at the time you want it.

Ethical (ESG) Investing

ESG means that your investments should take account of the  Environmental, Social & Governance impacts of the the investments that you hold. 

Simply put ESG investing is about ensuring your investments match your beliefs as much as possible, in other words it’s about ensuring your investments are in line with your value system; your “ethos”.

There has been much misconception about ESG investing being a “feelgood” exercise however it is much more than that. It is about investing in organisations that have sound corporate governance as well as sound sustainable long term income streams. The returns from ESG funds have often outperformed returns from investments without a socially responsible overlay. We have many years of experience in investing with an ESG approach and can ensure your values are taken account of through the investments you own.

Estate Planning

Estate planning can often be overlooked and then cause significant stress for those tasked with administrating an Estate. It can also significantly impact family members.

We can help to get your Estate Planning in place with minimal fuss yet give it the attention this important part of financial planning deserves. We can also work with and refer you to legal professionals.


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