Responsible Investing

Responsible investing has a number of different names describing a similar investment ethos. Responsible investing is sometimes referred to as ethical investing, socially responsible investing or sustainable investing.

Simply put responsible investing is about ensuring your investments match your beliefs as much as possible, in other words it’s about ensuring your investments are in line with your value system; your “ethos”.

There has been much misconception about responsible investing being a “feelgood” exercise however it is much more than that. It is about investing in organisations that have sound corporate governance as well as a sound sustainable long term income stream. The returns from responsible investment funds have often outperformed returns from investments without a socially responsible overlay.

A company that has sound social and environmental policies usually has solid corporate governance practices, meaning that the company is well controlled and managed. Hence investing in a responsible manner has the potential to boost returns.

Ethos Financial Advisers will take account of your personal value system in recommending investments to you. We will discuss investment areas that you wish to avoid and those in which you wish to invest and construct a portfolio structured to meet your individual beliefs.

The investment philosophy of Ethos Financial Advisers remains unchanged whether you wish to incorporate responsible investing in your investments or not. Our investment strategy is to protect your wealth through compounding your investment returns over the long term.