Financial Planning for Women

Are the financial requirements for women different from men?

Well the answer is no in general terms but looking more specifically women may have different requirements and Ethos Financial Advisers recognises this through its service offering.

For example having a break from the workforce to have a family has implications on the funding of superannuation more so for women than men.

Women act in the role of carer more often than men and this also has financial implications that need to be considered.

It’s critically important that women understand their financial position whether single or in a relationship. Without an understanding there is no control and this can lead to stress even where the financial position is a good one.

Too often control over financial investments and important financial decisions may be deferred or outsourced which can have profound financial implications in later life. Without structure and control it’s often the case that decisions that should have been made never were due to a lack of financial control.

We all require structure and control over our financial affairs but women may have different requirements.

Ethos Financial is able to establish a Financial Plan for you where you are in control through gaining greater structure over your financial affairs. Being in control will enable you to make better financial decisions to ensure that you meet your financial objectives.